American Land and Lot LLC

Financing Options


Seller Financing

Many of our properties can be purchased with seller financing.
Using this method, you make an initial investment and we carry back the balance financed over a period of time at a specific rate and term.  Using this method, the buyer is able to avoid many of the hassles with working direct with banks in borrowing money.  Most of our seller financing is accomplished with no credit checks, simple documentation and you (the buyer) get the deed to the property (no land contracts)!


IRA Retirement Funds

Since 1975 IRA and 401k retirement plans have been afforded the ability to purchase real estate helping account holders enjoy many of the benefits of owning real estate.
With this structure, the plan typically takes title to the real estate. Any income of profits derived as a result of ownership stay with the plan as investment return.
If you need more information on this option, Contact Us and we will put you in touch with the right people who can give you detailed information.